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Alderwood Manor creates fun rehab-themed Christmas tree

The rehab tree

This 2017 holiday season, the rehabilitation team at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, took Christmas decorating to a whole new level.

The activities and housekeeping directors set up a pre-lit Christmas tree in the rehab gym with plans to decorate it in its holiday finest....

Rehab at Alderwood Manor gets heart failure patient back home

Robert Burkhart

Because of muscle weakness caused by congestive heart failure, Robert Burkhart started out requiring two people to get him to stand up.

That was Burkhart’s condition when he arrived at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, on Oct. 16, 2017. Rehabilitation, however, would help him recover his strength and normal abilities....

Whatever It Takes and Then Some September 2017 Winners

Sheep stock photo

Dayna Woods, certified nursing assistant at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, helped a couple at the facility rest easy. The husband is often restless throughout the night, and the wife worries about him and tries her best to watch over him. Unfortunately, that means that the wife often does not sleep well either....

Alderwood Manor helps patient recover from broken kneecap

“We set goals each treatment, and Tammy gave it her all to achieve them.”

When Tammy Roberson fractured her left kneecap, she came to Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, for rehabilitation.

When she arrived on Sept. 19, 2017, she needed two people to help her get in and out of bed and take care of her daily self-care tasks, like getting dressed, bathing and grooming. She was unable to walk....

Alderwood Manor helps Stiffarm recover from weakness

“They were prompt and encouraging, let me go at my own pace and taught me the right way to transfer and walk.”

Sepsis and an abscess near her hip brought Ida Stiffarm to Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, for rehabilitation on June 9, 2017.

Stiffarm was weakened and in pain when she arrived, which affected her ability to move around and care for herself....

Whatever It Takes And Then Some April 2016 winners

Piano stock photo

Lori Ann Douglas, resident care manager at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, uses her musical talents to bring joy to the residents. She noticed that a resident was upset, and she brought the resident into the dining room and played the piano to help the resident calm down.