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Alderwood Manor helps McManus heal after femur fracture

"With my own determination and the help of the therapy team, I was able to progress pretty quickly." - Patricia McManus

In December 2018, Patricia McManus was changing her bedding when her feet got tangled in the sheets, causing her to fall and fracture her left femur. McManus was admitted to Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, for rehabilitation on Dec. 13 ...

Alderwood Manor helps Sills recover from rotator cuff tear

“Therapy taught me different exercises I wasn’t aware of.” - Jessie Sills

When 67-year-old songwriter Jessie Sills Junior tore his rotator cuff, he chose to do his rehabilitation at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington.

When Sills first arrived at the rehab and skilled nursing center on June 15, 2018, he needed moderate assistance with much of his mobility and self-care skills, such as bathing and getting dressed...

Therapy at Alderwood Manor helps stroke patient enjoy coffee again

Steve Garza

Spokane, Washington, resident Steve Garza really missed drinking coffee after a stroke this spring made it dangerous for him to drink thin liquids.

Now, thanks to rehabilitation at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Garza is enjoying his favorite beverage again...

Alderwood Manor helps Clark recover from blood clot in the lung

“Therapy increased my confidence to go back home and live independently.” – Dorothy Clark

Cheney, Washington, resident Dorothy Clark needed rehabilitation after developing a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lungs.

She came to Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, on March 21, 2018. Physical and occupational therapists worked with her to regain her full independence....

Hip fracture patient walking again thanks to rehab at Alderwood Manor

“[Gerald] stuck with it, kept working hard and eventually achieved his goal of walking and returning home with his wife.” - Don Reiman, PT

Spokane, Washington, resident Gerald Francis has gone from needing two people to help him get out of bed to walking on his own.

Rehabilitation helped get him there.

After a hip fracture, Francis came to Alderwood Manor in Spokane on Jan. 17, 2018...

Alderwood Manor gets heart attack patient home in two weeks

“They worked with my own pace, always telling me how good a job I was doing.” - Wanda Fullbright

After a heart attack and triple bypass surgery, Spokane, Washington, resident Wanda Fullbright was in need of rehabilitation before she could safely return home.

Fullbright chose to do her therapy at Alderwood Manor in Spokane and arrived at the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center on Jan. 25, 2018....

Alderwood Manor creates fun rehab-themed Christmas tree

The rehab tree

This 2017 holiday season, the rehabilitation team at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, took Christmas decorating to a whole new level.

The activities and housekeeping directors set up a pre-lit Christmas tree in the rehab gym with plans to decorate it in its holiday finest....

Rehab at Alderwood Manor gets heart failure patient back home

Robert Burkhart

Because of muscle weakness caused by congestive heart failure, Robert Burkhart started out requiring two people to get him to stand up.

That was Burkhart’s condition when he arrived at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, on Oct. 16, 2017. Rehabilitation, however, would help him recover his strength and normal abilities....

Whatever It Takes and Then Some September 2017 Winners

Sheep stock photo

Dayna Woods, certified nursing assistant at Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, helped a couple at the facility rest easy. The husband is often restless throughout the night, and the wife worries about him and tries her best to watch over him. Unfortunately, that means that the wife often does not sleep well either....

Alderwood Manor helps patient recover from broken kneecap

“We set goals each treatment, and Tammy gave it her all to achieve them.”

When Tammy Roberson fractured her left kneecap, she came to Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, for rehabilitation.

When she arrived on Sept. 19, 2017, she needed two people to help her get in and out of bed and take care of her daily self-care tasks, like getting dressed, bathing and grooming. She was unable to walk....