"With my own determination and the help of the therapy team, I was able to progress pretty quickly." - Patricia McManus

In December 2018, Patricia McManus was changing her bedding when her feet got tangled in the sheets, causing her to fall and fracture her left femur.


McManus was admitted to Alderwood Manor in Spokane, Washington, for rehabilitation on Dec. 13.


Upon admission, McManus could only walk 25 feet with the assistance of therapists and a walker, she could hardly bear weight on her left leg and she couldn’t dress herself or bathe without total assistance.


Alderwood Manor provided physical and occupational therapy to rehabilitate McManus’ ability to walk, bear weight on her leg and perform self-care tasks independently.


Physical therapy consisted of strengthening exercises and gait training meant to increase walking and weight-bearing abilities. Occupational therapy helped McManus dress and bathe herself and worked to promote general safety awareness.


“She was a go-getter from the first day,” said Don Reiman, physical therapist. “I knew she would progress quickly. She did everything we asked her to do and exceeded all of our expectations.”


Before long, McManus was able to independently walk more than 450 feet, go up and down stairs by herself and dress and bathe herself without any assistance. McManus’ condition improved quickly.


“When I first came, I was only able to use a walker to move a very short distance,” McManus said. “Within just a few days, I graduated to a cane. With my own determination and the help of the therapy team, I was able to progress pretty quickly. They were encouraging and didn’t limit things because of my age.”


McManus completed therapy on Jan. 4, 2019, and excitedly returned home the next day.